Journal Figure Illustration – RNA Epigenetics

Figures from JJD Ho et al‘s 2021 article “Translational remodeling by RNA-binding proteins and noncoding RNAs” in Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews RNA. The figures do not stand alone but rather, in conjunction with the figure legends (not shown), enhance the reader’s comprehension of the article.


When communicating a complex research topic to a broader audience, illustrations can provide a focal point and make the subject easier to understand. The figures here were produced for an article reviewing how RNAs and RNA-binding proteins may affect the process of translation.

Care is taken to ensure that the images are as simple and clear as possible. Styles, symbols and colours are consistent across all the figures in the series, and details have meaning (in this series, for example, a pink background represents processes happening in vivo while a blue background shows in vitro findings).

When creating figures for a specific journal, Sheena verifies and designs in compliance with the journal’s submission requirements (file type, dimensions, fonts, etc.).

Detail from Figures 2 and 4
Figures as they appear in the journal. From P.A. Marsden et al, 2021