Medical Illustration: Brain Aneurysm

Left: full brain, including select major blood vessels
Middle: brain section showing an aneurysm developing at the anterior communicating artery
Right: burst aneurysm resulting in hemmorhage and ischemia


These illustrations were created for Dr. Nima Etminan at the University Hospital Mannheim (Heidelberg University). They are taken from a series of figures that describe Dr. Etminan’s research on the development, progression and outcomes of brain aneurysms.

A variety of sources were consulted to ensure that the images were as clear and accurate as possible, including textbooks, medical imaging (CT, MRI, photos, etc.), and of course the client (subject expert) himself. The figures have been used in presentations, journal articles, and other lab communications.

Closeup showing a burst aneurysm at the anterior communicating artery, resulting in subarachnoid hemmorhage and associated brain tissue ischemia.
Figure showing the development of a brain aneurysm at macroscopic and histologic levels.